AWS – Alliance for Water Stewardship

SECAL LOGO'S 170214W-48Alliance for Water Stewardship

AWS was formed because of the clear need for a coherent international framework for responding to freshwater challenges. Our model is designed around capturing and enabling access to knowledge and expertise on best practice on water stewardship. The center piece of our work is the International Water Stewardship Standard.

While the AWS Standard is international in scope, its application will be based around successful local partnerships through which decision-making on watershed-level actions are developed by all those with a stake in water management. This combination of international and local partnerships aims to generate a positive cycle of learning and innovation through which lessons learned in one location or sector can be replicated, applied and further developed in other settings.

While the Standard provides the focus for much of our work, over time we aim to develop additional innovative tools to pursue our mission: to promote responsible use of freshwater that is socially and economically beneficial as well as environmentally sustainable.

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