At Control Union, we use our inspection, sampling and supervision expertise to support our clients in their contractual obligations, and for meeting feed and food safety regulations or performance criteria.

We inspect a wide range of commodities such as coal, grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, sugar, molasses and by products. Our specialised portfolio includes agricultural products that are handled as dry bulk or liquid, coal and other minerals, fertilisers, biomass and biofuels. Our portfolio also includes soft line inspections for consumer textile products.

Getting what you pay for

Quantity and quality determinations and verifications are part of our service. Large coal and biomass end-users choose our sampling and verification services for assurance against specific performance parameters. In other words, we confirm that our customers are getting what they need and what they pay for.

Successful partnerships

Our work methods, internal procedures and the way we issue certificates are harmonised by implementing management systems. We participate in ISO and EN standardisation committees and  our company includes superintendent members of GAFTA and FOSFA. Furthermore, we take part in international branch organisations like the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) and the Sugar Associations RSA/SAL.


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