• Bonsucro is a multi-stakeholder association established to reduce the environmental and social impacts of sugarcane, by designing a Standard and programme to transform the sugarcane industry. It is an industry initiative that has worked to bring together all stakeholders, and develop a means of achieving its objectives within the sugarcane business.

    The Standard corresponds to the objectives of Bonsucro which is to provide a mechanism for achieving sustainable production from sugarcane (all products) in respect of economic, social and environmental dimensions.

    The Bonsucro Standard incorporates a set of Principles, Criteria, Indicators and Verifiers which will be used to certify sugar producers who comply and to guide companies in the sugar and ethanol value chain who wish to procure sustainable feedstock/ supplies, and also the financial sector who wish to make more sustainable investments.

    The Standard is based on a set of metric measurements which allows for aggregation, and a clearer demonstration of impact. The unit of certification will be the sugar mill and audits will be based on assessments of the mill and cane supply area. Accredited auditors will be required to conduct evaluations

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