• Legal Timber Verification

    In the framework of the legal timber verification program, CUC has developed a legality standard that provides independent third party verification with respect to legality of forest product sources. This so called Legal Timber Verification (LTV) Standard responds to the challenge of forest owners and managers to comply with all the applicable laws for forest harvesting in the country and jurisdiction of operations. It also includes indicators and means of verification to assure that all points along the defined supply chain are controlled. Further, the standard helps forest management enterprises as a first step in a stepwise approach towards FSC CW™ and finally FSC® certification.

    Additionally, this Standard, is closely following the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation, applicable to all companies that place timber or timber products on the market for the first time (“Operators”) as well as traders, aiming to reduce or mitigate risks of illegally trading of these products.